Friday, July 9, 2010

The Last Few Days

On Wednesday we went to the National Museum of Natural History. We've been there already, but were not able to see everything we wanted. Also, each time we go to a museum, I think that Gianna will have better behavior - she keeps proving me wrong. : (

Clearly, these museums were not set-up with an almost 3 year old in mind!

The Hope Diamond. The last time we were here there was a massive crowd around the display. This time we had it all to ourselves (for about 2 minutes!). Gemma was very excited to get such a good look at it.
The elephant on the main floor. I really wanted to go down there and try to get a photo with the kids - but it wasn't meant to be. After about 90 minutes in the museum, we went down to the cafe for lunch.
And here is Miss Crabby-pants on our way to the Metro after our visit. Wouldn't you know - within two minutes on the train she was sound asleep!

On Wednesday evening, we left Bamma and Gianna home to enjoy the air-conditioning and we went on a night tour of DC. It was great to see so many spots from the comfort of our heated (no a/c) trolley. Take away the 100' temp - it really was fun..
The Supreme Court
The kids and I at the Jefferson Memorial.
A beautiful night shot of the Washington Monument and the Capitol in the distance.
Lincoln Memorial
David and the kids with the Lincoln Memorial.

We also stopped at the Korean War Memorial, but my photos didn't turn out. We plan on going back one evening in the next week or two.

Photo from my January visit.

Yesterday we had our White House tour. However, because of security, I wasn't able to bring a camera, (or the stroller or the diaper bag or any other item than our identification). I'm so glad we were able to do the tour and the kids (except for Gianna) thought it was "really cool". I was really disappointed that we couldn't have our cameras - it would have been nice to have a few photos right in front of the White House. Especially with David in uniform! (He looked so handsome!)

After our tour (which was a self-guided 30 minute tour), we walked across the street and had lunch at Old Ebbit Grill. (I briefly mentioned this restaurant in a previous post) It was so nice to sit down and enjoy the cool air! I forgot to mention - the temp was in the upper 80's with the humidity almost as high as we waited in line for our tour! So the a/c from the White House and the restaurant was lovely.

David had to return to work and I made the executive decision (David had suggested this earlier) that mom, the kids and I would take a cab back to our apartment. It was the best $14 mom ever spent!

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