Saturday, July 17, 2010

Evening Stroll

As if going to Mount Vernon wasn't enough, I had the great idea to go back out in the evening to see the Lincoln Memorial and The Vietnam War Memorial. There really isn't a convenient train stop, so we took the closest one and had a nice walk. It happens to be by Arlington National Cemetery, so we saw the Seabee's statue. (Spencer didn't want to be in the photo)

After we crossed a bridge going over the Potomac River, we could see we were getting closer to our desired location. This is the back of the Lincoln Memorial.

This was mom's last night with us, so I thought we should take advantage of the sights. Plus, I knew that she would like to go to our next stop.
Gianna with my Uncle David.
After we walked around the Vietnam War Memorial, we went to the snack shack and enjoyed the light coming from the Lincoln Memorial. Since mom has seen it several times, and it was late, we decided to skip it and grab a cab home. We had a great visit with mom and are so glad she came!

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