Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Day

Memorial Day weekend didn't go as planned. Originally, David had planned to do a bunch of work around the house and I had some stuff to do outside. We were going to celebrate our anniversary Saturday night with a date and also wanted to do some fun family stuff. Well, Friday evening David came home from work feeling awful - a bad cold. Long story short, he spent most of the weekend sleeping. And since it was mostly cold and rainy, I didn't get the outside stuff done that I had wanted.

However, David was feeling better on Monday so we were able to enjoy some family time. And then on Tuesday morning he surprised me by having an extra day off of work! However, Spencer woke up and tossed his cookies. He "earned" an extra day off of school too.

So after I went to the gym and Spencer was feeling better, we went to lunch and then the bike store. Gianna saw this adorable bike and decided to try it out. I really wish I could have bought it for her, but it was almost $200!
After running some errands and spending the afternoon together, we went to school and picked up Gemma.
When we came home David and I surprised the kids by attacking them with Spencer's Nerf guns. He received these as a Christmas gift from Allison (cousin), but hadn't been able to play with them yet.
They had a lot of fun in the yard. They played for almost an hour before I had to ruin their fun by telling them to come in the house and take showers.
It wasn't the day I had planned, but it couldn't have been any better!


Fourteen years ago today, David and I became husband and wife. Promising to love each other through the good times and the bad, for better and for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live.

In those fourteen years, we've created a family and a life I feel so blessed to have. We've had our share of ups and downs - but I couldn't imagine going through any of it without David by my side.
My prince charming and me.

Living our happily ever after!

I love you!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dance Recital

I just realized I never blogged about the girls dance recital last week! Here are the girls before we left for the recital. This was just moments before Gianna fell and ripped her tights. We had to stop at Target to buy a new pair - thank goodness I had everyone ready to go much earlier than we needed to leave!

The girls did a great job. I volunteered to stay backstage with Gianna's class since this was her first year. I volunteered every year for Gemma's class, except the years when David was traveling and I needed to stay with the little one.

Gianna's class was first - they did a ballet routine to a Sesame Street song - it was adorable. She had the biggest grin on her face the whole time. Gianna managed to dance most of the time too - which is saying a lot for a three year old. I met her backstage after her performance and before I could open my mouth she said in such a sweet voice, "Mommy, did you see me on stage?" I assured her that I, daddy and the rest of her cheering section saw her and that I was so proud. She was proud of herself too.

Gemma is in the oldest class and they danced last - and it was beautiful. She really has a grace to her movement when dancing. I'm sad to say that next year will be her last as she is aging out of the program. She isn't so happy with that news either.
After the recital, Miss Holly gives each girl a rose, medal and certificate of completion. Unfortunately this part of the evening is very disorganized and makes photos ops difficult. Gianna also received flowers from her daddy. She was so proud of herself! However, things went downhill quickly after this photo. It was almost 9pm and she had refused a nap that day. Thank goodness she was able to hold it together for the show!
Here is Gemma with her sweet instructor Miss Holly. We started class with her when Gemma was three and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher. She truly has the patience of a saint! Gianna wasn't interested in anymore photos at this point!
Our family photo. I love how Spencer looks scared, Gemma annoyed and Gianna wants to be anywhere but there. I must say I look rather exhausted too. Trying to keep eight three-year-olds entertained backstage for almost two hours isn't easy!!!
Bamma wanted a photo with the kids. David is holding Gianna over Bamma's shoulder in this one - at least she's smiling!

It was worth all the work, but I'm glad it's over! : )

Spencer's Birthday

Spencer woke up on Tuesday morning to a decorated door and a sign in his room. We had a busy day planned. First school, then dinner with Grandpa and Nonna at the restaurant of his choice followed by a Cub Scout meeting! Busy!
This was just before we left for school - what a big smile!
We met David's parent for dinner and had a very nice time. As usual, Spencer ordered the chicken fingers!
After dinner, we picked up Joshua and went to the Pack meeting for cub scouts. They were having the Rain-gutter Regatta, so we were outside. What a perfect evening!
The kids had a great time running around and playing.
Spencer even stopped long enough for me to take his photo - I love the pose. He can be such a ham when he wants too!
After everyone arrived the scouts were awarded badges they had earned. Spencer is now officially a bear! I love this photo because he is looking directly into his Pack Master's eyes as he shakes hands. He is turning into such a young man!
An ice-cream social had been planned following the regatta races, so I decided to bring cake to celebrate Spencer's big day. Unfortunately it was just windy enough to make it difficult for candles, but Spencer didn't seem to mind!
Here is little Miss Gianna. I love this photo - she was just filthy and was having a great time. I should have taken an "after" photo - the ice cream completely melted before she could finish the cone and she had the red and blue frosting all over herself! (Thank goodness for Spray n' Wash!)

It was a busy evening, but it was a great one - spent with all four of my favorite people! And Spencer said he had a great time - and really that's all that matters!

Birthday Surprise

On Friday, we let Spencer open his birthday presents because we would be attending one of the gifts on Saturday afternoon.He first opened a Star Wars t-shirt and book that he had wanted.....

And then he saw the tickets! We bought tickets to attend the Kids Lego Fest at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I bought the tickets at the end of March when a friend told me about the event. David and I thought that would be a perfect gift for Spencer. Within a few weeks, Spencer heard about the event and was asking to go. I had to make excuses that we couldn't! I felt so bad lying about the tickets!
Saturday afternoon, I left Gianna with my mom and Edmee. Gemma, Spencer and I were then on our way to the main event. (David was going to meet us after reserves.)
We also met up with my best friend, Hoa and her family. All four children had a great time. They had a lot of areas set-up for the kids to play with Legos.
We also saw some really cool creations - all made from Legos.
Spencer loves Legos and Star Wars. There is nothing better, in his eyes, than combining the two!
David suggested making an anchor. Once he saw Gemma at work, he decided to get into the act too!
Gemma decided to take a break and get her hair done. Here she is before.
And here is her after! A teased, side pony-tail with blue spray paint!
While Gemma was getting her hair done, Spencer, Chase and Ben complete their ginormous green climbing wall.

While the kids were busy building with the dads, Hoa and I wandered around and found a "class" the kids could take with a "Lego Master". Essentially, a Lego Master is a grown up who gets paid to play with Legos! (Most 9 year-old boys ideal job!). However, space was limited and sign-up began 30 minutes prior to class. The first time we tried to sign up, the class filled up in 5 minutes. So, I decided to stand in line and wait 30 minutes before sign-up to get the kids a spot.
After listening to the Lego Master, he sent the kids to work stations to build. The kit had directions, but he was encouraging the kids to make "modifications".
Gemma and Spencer had a lot of fun. However, after almost four hours, the grown-ups were ready for something else to do! : )

I was able to get one group photo of the kids and then we were off to dinner. The Kids Fest wasn't what I was expecting, but ultimate the kids enjoyed it. We were able to spend time together and even see some great friends that we don't see enough of - over all an almost perfect day! (Perfect would have included Gianna, but I knew she would have had more fun with Bamma and titi Edmee.)

*I should note, on the way home I asked Spencer if he liked his gift. He said no and paused. Which gave me a minor knot in my stomach. Then he screamed, "I loved it!". Thank goodenss!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Spencer!

My baby boy is 9 years old today!
Happy birthday to my favorite boy!
You are such a sweet and loving boy and I'm so glad you're mine! (And daddy's too!)
Daddy and I are so proud of the young man you are growing into.
You're a great brother to both of your sisters. Though you could practice a little more patience with the littlest sister! ; )
Daddy and I love you so very much!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gianna's Last Day of School

Today marked Gianna's last day of pre-school.

Sept 2010

When Gianna started school in September, she wasn't fully potty-trained and had just moved from our bedroom to Gemma's room in her own bed. She loved her first day of school, but there were a couple of days she wasn't too sure about going. However, by the end of the month she was fully potty-trained and loving school.

May 17, 2011

I was so nervous sending her to school last fall. I knew she would thrive since she is such a social and friendly little girl, but I had no idea just how much she would grow! Now, Gianna knows her alphabet, is starting to write her name and draws people with faces. She loves school and looks forward to each Tuesday and Thursday to see her teachers and her friends.

I am so proud of my little girl!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Gianna decided to eat al-fresco today. Nothing fancy, just some chicken fingers and macoroni and cheese.
But everything tastes better when you eat outside on a beautiful spring day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The girls had pictures tonight for dance. Here is a preview!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day didn't turn out exactly as planned.

David had a flight to catch at 1:30, (Navy) so we were going to have breakfast and then head to the airport. However, the plan changed when Gianna woke us up at 6am complaining of a tummy ache. While David was taking care of the little one I was dealing with a full blown migraine.

David ended up on the couch snuggling Gianna and I was laying in bed wishing the damn birds singing outside would shut-up.

I finally got out of bed around 10am and took a shower. I still had a throbbing headache, but was able to tolerate light.

We decided to go to breakfast - which by the time we arrived was lunch. Gemma gave me a beautiful card that she made for me and made me cry.
Spencer gave also gave me a plant and a sweet card. Gianna wasn't feeling so well and fell asleep in David's arms.

After the restaurant we left for the airport. Once we were back at home, I let the kids play Wii and took an hour nap. By 4pm, I finally felt better!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Holy Communion

I wasn't able to edit or crop any photos.

Today was a very big day for our family; Gemma and Spencer made their First Holy Communion!
Here are the children before we left for church.
And here is the family at the church. We arrived early and decided to take advantage! If you look closely at Gianna, you'll see she brought Sleeping Beauty and insisted she be in the photo!
Here is the group photo with Father Kevin and Sister Joan. Only 13 children made their First Communion on Saturday, but there are actually 47 children who will make the sacrament over the next four masses!

I took a few photos of the children making the procession into church, but I didn't use a flash and they didn't turn out so well. However, I used the flash on this one! Gemma was one of four children that was asked to bring the gifts into church. She was carrying the Holy Water.
I love this picture! This was right after Spencer drank the wine. I was just surprised he didn't make a face. I had told the children it was OK to drink the wine - or even to just put the cup up to their lips and pretend to sip it. I guess Spencer decided to just go for it! ; )
Grandpa, Nona and the kids after Mass. Spencer was so hot during Mass, he couldn't wait to take off his jacket.
Gemma with her Godparents.
Spencer and Judy, his Godmother. John was his Godfather.
Since we chose the Saturday afternoon Mass, we invited everyone to our house to celebrate. The children couldn't get out of their dress clothes fast enough. We had a wonderful time and were so glad to celebrate this special moment with our families!