Thursday, July 29, 2010

Honor Flights

Today the kids and I went to Regan National Airport with David to welcome an Honor Flight flying in from Wisconsin. David started doing this in February and has greeted at least 15 flights.

David was especially excited to have the kids participate. They are young and don't understand what these men and women went through, but hopefully as years go by, they can flash back to this moment and make a connection.
The gate was decorated with red, white and blue streamers and employees from American Airlines were passing out flags and noise makers for when the Veterans made their grand entrance. There was patriotic music being played and everyone was ready!

Party people in the house!
When the plane was pulling into the gate it was welcomed by the fire department. David said they usually have 2 fire trucks to make an arch - but it looked like the other one was detained. At this point David, along with many other men and women uniform went on the jet-way to ensure the Veteran's were welcomed properly - by clapping, cheering and whistling. Hands were shook and hugs were given.
The kids and I waved our flags and clapped. I took a few pictures, but I decided to spend more time in the moment and thanking these men myself. A few commented on how cute the kids were (duh!) but I kept reminding the kids we were in the room with heroes.

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