Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!

David in Las Vegas at The Venetian.

Happy 40th birthday to my wonderful husband!

Love you sweetie!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Science Fair

Gemma and Spencer participated in the science fair again. You can click here for last years post.

Gemma's project was a "how to" on paper making. This fall when she was at the Renaissance Festival she was able to make paper and found it really interesting. That's when she decided it would be her project.
(Notice the title of her project, "Pulp Non-Fiction". It was David's idea! )

Gemma made paper at home and brought the finished product with her. But she wanted to demonstrate the process. She really thrives on the energy of others - she always had a group around her asking questions and wanting a try at the paper making!

Spencer's project was on aerodynamics. Specifically how drag affected his Hot-wheels cars in a wind tunnel. He and David had a lot of fun with this project and Spencer was so proud of his work!Judging took place during the day and awards were given in the evening. Imagine our surprise when both Gemma and Spencer earned awards! Gemma was given one for "Best Environmental Theme" and Spencer's was for "Best Over-all Project"! David and I were so proud of the kids - but more importantly they were proud of themselves!

Way to go kids! : )