Saturday, July 31, 2010

Air and Space Museum II

Since our amazing summer in DC is quickly coming to an end - we decided to have a jam packed Saturday.
We started our morning at the base exchange with Spencer getting a proper haircut. Gemma wanted one too, but we told her she'd probably end up looking like a Marine - so she changed her mind!

We then stopped for lunch at Popeye's - Spencer's new favorite place for chicken nuggets.
Now - our main plan for the day was the Steven H. Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum.
Here are the children doing silly poses. I've finally learned that it's easier to have them do a silly pose and look at the camera than try to have them take a "nice" picture!
The museum is by Dulles Airport in a huge airplane hanger. The first thing the kids were able to do was sit in an actual plane and pretend to fly it. Gianna didn't last long because she wasn't being exactly gentle with the plane.

Here are David and the kids in front of the SR-71 Blackbird. This was a cold-war era spy plane. It flew from LA to Washington DC in 1hour 28 minutes 9 seconds.

This is the shuttle "Enterprise". It was the original test shuttle but never launched into space. It was HUGE.
Here is a little perspective - David and the kids with the shuttle.
The Air France plane is also known as The Concorde.
This is the Enola Gay - this is the plane that dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima.

It was a great opportunity for the kids (and us) to see air crafts that have played a significant role in history. They even had a piece of the World Trade Center and The Pentagon on display - talk about a teaching moment.

This time here in DC has gone quickly - I just hope as the weeks and months go by, the kids look back on this time fondly!

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