Saturday, November 28, 2009

Life Goes On

Tomorrow evening we'll be having the wake for John and then the funeral will be on Tuesday. It's still unbelievable that we are preparing for David's brother's funeral.

I called the house yesterday to speak with Judy and when the answering machine came on, it was John's voice. I cried. I can't imagine how Judy feels when she hears it.

In the mean time, David and I are trying to do some of our normal family things with the kids as we have been spending lots of extra time everyone else. Actually, I think we're still trying to figure out what the new normal is.

Today, we took the kids, along with Joshua to see Santa Claus. We went to Macy's (our usual routine) and saw the Christmas decorations and enjoyed cookies.

Gianna wasn't so thrilled with Santa.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Very Sad Day

David's brother, John, passed away early this morning.

He fought hard and gave everything he could, but it was time to let go.

Please keep his amazing wife, Judy, and their three kids, Libby, Amanda and Joshua in your prayers.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Hero, my Love

12 years ago Kim lost her father to cancer. He battled valiantly for a long time and there were many ups and downs (the occasional drug induced utterances we will remember forever as well as the numerous hospitalizations).

It was particularly hard on Kim and I did my very best to support and comfort her. We were planning our wedding and I was in school, but otherwise there was not that much distracting me from taking care of her.

With my brother John now battling cancer the roles have kind of reversed and she is comforting me. However, she is doing it while taking care of our three children and with me 1000 miles away. She knows how much it pains me to be unable to help my family and she is doing a wonderful job of making it easier on me.

Kimberly, you are my ROCK and my hero. I love you very much and am so very proud of you.

Friends are gifts from God

Dear Friends,

I can't fully express my deep appreciation for your prayers and support during the trying times my family has been experiencing this year. John's battle with cancer has taken it's toll on him and all our family. Being so far from home has made this even more difficult for me personally. Without your support, I don't know that I could manage out here.

I thank you all for what you do! I want to give special thanks to Chris for taking such good spiritual care of my wife and kids while I am away. You've always been there for me and now my kids are looking to you for help during this confusing time for them.

I love you all and am forever grateful for your love and kindness!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dance, Like No One Is Watching

The other evening while I was cleaning the kitchen, Gianna was in the living room playing. I had the radio on (I'm trying to keep television to a minimum) and she was playing. I noticed it was really quiet (which is never a good sign with a 2 year-old!) so I checked on her and saw she was dancing her heart out! Even when she noticed me with the camera, she didn't stop!

(I apologize for the poor lighting!)

Friday, November 20, 2009


Edmee was Christmas shopping at the Mall Of America with friends yesterday and invited Evelyn, Gianna and me to lunch. We grabbed a quick bite at the food court but more importantly, Gianna was with her "Titi and more Titi". (That's Gianna speak for being with both of her aunts!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Student of The Month

Our school usually has a monthly assembly to honor all the children receiving awards. However, in light of the H1N1 craze, no assemblies will be held - possibly for the rest of the year. Gemma was very excited to share this news with me when I picked her up from school today. She was so proud of herself - and I'm so proud too!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

They're Here!

Gemma was very excited when I picked her up after school today...............her glasses finally arrived!
This is her adorable eye-glass case!

How adorable is Gemma with glasses??? She is over the moon with them. She kept commenting on how nice it is to see things clearly!

Long Time, No Post

It's been a long time since I've updated the blog, (I've been reminded by a few people who like to see new photos of the kids!) so I thought now would be a good time.

A few weeks ago I asked for prayers for my bro-in-law, John. After spending 12 days in the hospital, he was released today. The doctors finally found the magic combination of medication to manage his pain without having him so groggy and sleepy. Tonight he is at home with his family where he belongs. Part of my absence was due to helping Judy (along with other family) with the kids while she spent time in the hospital with John. Last week, Grandpa and Nonna decided to take Amanda and Joshua to Denny's for dinner. Then they decided to extend the invitation to the kids and me (I don't turn down a free meal!). The only bummer was Nonna's absence; she wasn't feeling well in the afternoon and decided it was best to stay home. Here is a group shot before leaving. Gianna wouldn't sit, so Spencer held her. Unfortunately, only her backside made it in the photo.
A few nights later, the kids and I went to have dinner with Josh and Amanda at their house. Gemma and Spencer love going to their house because they have video games!!!!!
Here are Josh and Gemma playing the Wii.
On Sunday, we went to Grandpa and Nonna's for dinner. While waiting for dinner Amanda decided to play a game. She looked so comfortable, so Gianna decided she needed to sit with her.
After dinner, the kids went back to the living room and Gianna found a new spot. She loves her cousin!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Happy Birthday, Titi Edmee!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Please Pray

Please pray for my brother-in-law, John. He has been battling small-bowel cancer since February of this year. The tumors are numerous and extremely painful. Pray that the new chemo he started works and that the doctors are able to manage his pain.

Friday Night

We decided to visit Bamma and Titi Evelyn on Friday night (I thought this was the perfect way to get out of making dinner!). We weren't the only ones with that idea....Baby Abe came to visit too! I should note - he brought his mom, Melissa and his other grandma, Kathy.

Here are Spencer and Abe sharing a snuggle. I love how he squishes his nose when he smiles!
Gianna really loves Baby Abe, she can even say his name now. The kids were playing on the floor and Gianna was trying to get Abe to crawl under the dining room table. He watched and even crawled toward her, but he never made it under the table.

After lots of playing and a yummy dinner (Evelyn bought chicken wings, fries and onion rings from a local restaurant) it was time to head home. We can't wait until our next visit!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My....What Big Eyes You Have!!!

Gemma came home with a note from her teacher yesterday saying that she is always complaining about not being able to see the board or the overhead projector clearly. So, I made made an appointment with the eye doctor.

She was really nervous about the appointment and wasn't too thrilled with the drops in the eyes (they actually sprayed her eyes), but she did great.

After getting her eyes dilated and waiting patiently to see the doctor, it was determined that Gemma is near-sighted. It isn't that bad, but the doctor feels getting glasses now would be the best thing for her. 7 to 10 days Gemma will be sporting some cute (expensive but worth it!)* glasses!

*I say expensive because David and I have never needed glasses...this is all new to us!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We started our Sunday morning by watching a movie in 3-D - "B.O.B's Big Break". Titi Edmee had brought them the movie on Saturday; but with the excitement of Halloween, we had to wait for the official viewing on Sunday morning. After our morning movie, a bath for Gianna and an early nap (she went down at 10:30 - she usually goes down at noon!), we went to The Olive Garden for lunch/dinner. We celebrated Evelyn's birthday and had a great time.
Since I don't make it in many photos, Evelyn offered to take a picture......I don't think I'll be taking her up on that offer again!