Wednesday, July 28, 2010

National Cathedral

The other night David took us for a drive up Embassy Row and then to see the National Cathedral. We found out it was open until 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays - so we decided to come back then. The cathedral isn't really accessible by the Metro and I try to keep my driving to a minimum here - it is much too stressful.
I knew the kids wouldn't be too interested in returning, but I found a couple of facts that would be make them begging to return!!!
Fun fact #1 - This stain class window contains a piece of moon-rock from the Apollo XI mission. It's in the middle of the red circle toward the top of the window.
Fun fact #2 - There is a Darth Vadar gargoyle on the cathedral! There was a competition in the 1980's and Darth Vadar won 3rd place! Who knew?
Our friend John tagged along on our tour.

Now, for those keeping track, Gianna tends to "do her business" when we are at major landmarks. I've changed her on a bench outside of The White House, The Ellipse (across from The White House), the lawn of the Smithsonian and The Washington Monument.

And last night, I had the opportunity to change her outside of the cathedral. You have to admit, she picks pretty locations! : ) (John is just trying to keep the toxic fumes from harming her!)
After taking care of Gianna, we walked over to the garden of the cathedral. It was beautiful. But the kids had shown us they were done with the touristy thing. David suggested dessert and we all said YES!!!!

We walked past Ford's Theatre to stop and get our treat.
Finally, our destination - Frozen Yo! It's a self service frozen yogurt place. You get a cup and have a choice of at least 12 flavors and then a bunch of toppings. You simply pay by weight.

After our fun evening, we were home and had the kids in bed by 10pm!

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  1. Thanks sweetie this was a really nice post. I felt like I was there. Bamma


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