Monday, November 29, 2010

We're Still Here

This is going to be a long post. It's been 2 weeks since I've updated the here we go!

Gianna and I enjoyed a morning in the snow a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately we weren't able to make a snowman like she wanted since the snow had gone through a freeze - it was rock hard. But it didn't stop us from playing outside! : )
Gianna also completed her first dance class! The session started out rocky, but she finished big! She loved class and looked forward to it each week. I'm so looking forward to the next session that starts in January - it ends in May with a recital! I'll have two ballerinas this year!
Spencer started Cub scouts September and participated in his first color guard earlier this month. (He's on the far left). He was nervous, but did a great job and is looking forward to doing it again at the next pack meeting.

At this meeting, Spencer was awarded his bobcat badge. He is now officially working towards becoming a Bear. The cub-master had David give Spencer his badge. : )
We celebrated Thanksgiving with David's side of the family. I didn't do such a great job of taking pictures, but here are Gemma and Spencer playing a video game. Since we don't have any at home, they like to take advantage at their cousin's house!

We had a very nice day. The company was great and there was a ton of food. For the 22 people that were there, there was enough dessert for each person to have HALF A PIE!!!!! Needless to say, many of us came home with left-overs!

Gianna had fun playing the doll house.
I managed to have Rocky (our nephew) take a photo of us before we left. Gianna was really into the idea - can you tell?

This past Saturday was Gabrin's baptism. Melissa and Abe asked us (David and me) to be his godparents! : )
Gabrin is a very happy baby; it doesn't take much to make him smile. Here he is in the gorgeous gown my mom had made over 30 years ago. Of her nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, only two have not worn it.
I love this picture - not because of the goofy face I'm making, but because you can see Gianna, Spencer and Gemma. I swear, if they were any closer, they would have been in the water! As for my face, Gabrin was enjoying himself very much and I was responding to his happy face.

Here we are with Father Kevin after the big event. I love how David looks like a floating head in the photo!
And wouldn't this make a lovely Christmas card???? Except we're missing a person! Gianna wanted nothing to do with pictures. She was too busy running around with her cousin Emeila.
After church we went to my mom's for cake and punch. I was finally able to get a picture of Gabrin with his godfather.
Here is Gabrin's big brother, Abe. Or as we call him, Little Able. He really is a sweetie.
And here is Emeila. Also known as Gianna's partner in crime. Emeila insisted on feeding herself. Believe it or not - she didn't get too dirty!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Dinner

It had been far too long since our last family dinner. Jim's (David's brother) 50th birthday was last week and his wife, Mary, arranged for everyone to meet at a local Chinese restaurant. The company was great and the meal was yummy. It's safe to say a great time was had by all. I tried to get pictures, but I missed a few family members....sorry!
Birthday boy, Jim and Mary.
Gino and Linda
Attempt at a self-timer group shot!
Nona and Grandpa.
Spencer, Joshua and Gemma.
Gemma and Amanda.
And here is the littlest cutie reading her fortune! Too cute!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You

Remember to thank a veteran today.