Monday, September 29, 2008

Just an update on where I've been

I apologize for this entry...I didn't put the pictures in first, so all my text is down below!!!

This is demo day!!!

Building the new addition....
Now it just needs siding....actually it is sided, I just don't have a photo of it.
This view is from the kitchen into the room with the new floor!
And this is looking into the kitchen from the back door. Not too shabby!!!

I haven't been blogging much over the past 2 weeks, with the exception of Gianna's birthday, because I just haven't had the time or energy. We (I really mean David) are almost done with our addition. We're now down to all of the finishing work that will probably take just as long to finish as the original project did. For those who are wondering - we started June 21 - 3 months!!!!

On top of the addition, David was MIA for 2 weekends because of reserves. And just Friday, Spencer came down with strep throat and Gianna a cold. David now has the cold, but Gemma seems fine at the moment. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

While celebrating Gianna's birthday yesterday, David and the kids installed the flooring in the new living room. It took David about 8 hours - with lots of cursing! It looks great and I'm really proud of all the work he has put into the room. He is one handy guy!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gianna's Birthday recap

Here are a few photos from Gianna's big day. The actually celebration was very low-key since her party is going to be next Saturday. She got to wear her "I am 1" t-shirt and looked adorable as always! Titi Evelyn and Bamma came over for some cake. I was so suprised when Gianna DIDN'T cry during the singing. She actually enjoyed it!

The cake was really cute too - Byerly's offers a free cake for a child's first birthday, so I took advantage. It was only a 7-inch round, but the perfect size for our small gathering.

After singing, she was ready for her cake. Though from the angle of her hat, it looks like Gianna had one too many cocktails!!!
After eating and wearing her cake, Gianna was ready for the customary birthday bath!

And here is what was left should have seen the floor!!!

Happy Birthday Gianna!!!!!

One year ago I met my precious baby girl! I can't believe one year has already gone by!!!!

Gianna, you are such a joy to daddy, Gemma, Spencer and me! We love you baby girl!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! xoxoxo mommy

Friday, September 12, 2008

Is this bad?

So there is this group called Metro Station and they sing a song called "Shake It". It sounds very 80's and I find myself bouncing along to the tune. However, I'm not the only one enjoying the song....Gianna LOVES this song. She stops whatever she is doing when the chorus starts and dances! It's adorable. The problem - I don' t think it's a very appropriate song for an 11 month old.
Come to think of it, when Gemma was her age her favorite song was "Like a Virgin" by Madonna and Spencer loves the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Maybe I need to make different music choices.....By the way - once you hear this song, it keeps going over and over in your head....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome Abraham Scott Barbosa

Baby Abraham Scott Barbosa was born Tuesday, September 9 at 2:20 am. He came into the world weighing 8lbs 3 oz and is 20inches long. Enjoy the photos!!!!

Congratulations to Melissa and Abe on their beautiful baby boy!!

(I couldn't resist sneaking a photo of my baby in this post!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Much Better!!!!!!

Before......... AFTER!!!!!
These are the smiles I love!!!!!!
Just because I'm cute!

First Day of School

I just returned from taking Gemma and Spencer to school.

I cried.

All the way home.

Both kids have been talking about being nervous - which is completely normal for anyone's first day of something new. But this morning Spencer's nerves were at an all time high. The poor kid could barely eat his breakfast, which I realize isn't saying much since he is such a picky eather, but I could tell he was nervous, not being picky. We talked about how he was feeling - he said he felt like he needed to stay home. I told him his feelings were normal and that his teacher was probably nervous too. He didn't put up too much of a fight when it was time to leave, so I thought he was feeling a little better.

He was pretty quiet the whole drive. When we arrived to his class room, I unloaded his backpack - and then he unloaded the tears. He wasn't hysterical, he was just very nervous. I gave him a hug and he just held onto me and kept saying, "I don't want to stay, mommy." I kept smiling and encouraging him and telling him everything would be okay - and trying my damnest NOT to cry. While all this is going on, Gemma is waiting with Gianna and getting anxious about meeting her teacher and going to 2nd grade. Finally his teacher, Ms. Vang, saw us in the doorway and came over and worked her charm. He didn't go too willingly, but he didn't put up a fight either.

I then took Gemma to her class. She looked scared, but NOT on the verge of tears. THANK GOD! I gave her a kiss, told her to have a wonderful day and that I'd see her after school. Pretty easy.

I walked past Spencer's class one more time - I had to make sure he was okay. He was at his table spot, coloring. He saw me and I blew him a kiss. And then I left and cried. All the way home.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Last Day of Summer Vacation....

Originally, we didn't have anything planned to do today. It was just going to be a lazy day doing stuff around the house. However, things changed. Spencer has been asking to go golfing with David for ages, but timing hasn't been so good. Most of David's "free" time has been spent working on our addition, but today that all changed. David was going to take the kids mini-golfing, but it was the middle of the afternoon and it was 90' - so they went to the driving range instead. And they had a blast! At one point Spencer said he was doing "pretty bad" - but was still having fun. I think we may have found a new hobby for the kids! They look pretty darn cute in these photos!
After golfing we had to go to the mall and get Spencer new sneakers for school. (I wasn't the only mom who waited until the last minute to get shoes for school!) Luckily, we found Spencer's sneakers at the first store - and then we were out of that mall. After we got home, David decided to inflate their pool - on the last day of summer vacation and the last day that it would be warm enough to use it. But you know what, the kids played in the pool for almost 2 hours and had a ton of fun. I wasn't going to put Gianna in the pool, but as it was filling she "fell in". Actually, she was determined to get into that water. So instead of fighting it, I put on her suit and she played and splashed along with her big brother and sister. What a wonderful way to end our day!