Friday, July 16, 2010

Mount Vernon

Today we visited George Washington's home. Mount Vernon. I don't know what it is with me, but I always pick the HOTTEST days to do things things! (When we left, the temp according to the van was 105'!!)
Here are the kids with George, Martha and their children.
Here we are in front of the Washington's home. The sun was too bright, so Gemma and Spencer covered their eyes - classy, don't you think?
We weren't able to take photos in the house. After touring the house, we went into the yard and enjoyed the view of the Potomac River.
Gianna thought we could walk to the water - I quickly informed her we couldn't.

The tombs of George and Martha Washington.
After the tour and enjoying our time outdoors, we ate at the food court and then took another photo in front of Mount Vernon - this time the sun wasn't an issue!
The kids with a statue of Washington. Notice Gianna - she is wearing a hat similar to the one Washington wore. The only difference is, she thinks it's a pirate hat! I didn't want to argue!
Now we're ready to drive home. Fortunately the a/c cooled the car down quickly and we were back in our apartment in 30 minutes. You'd think after a 5 hour day we'd be done...but we decided to venture out into the city in the evening! More on that later!

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