Monday, July 5, 2010

The Washington Monument

Today we went into The Washington Monument. (David bought tickets in March.)
Our little family!
Waiting for our tour to begin - in the hot, hot sun! Gianna is in the stroller enjoying shade - I didn't want to take her out until the last minute!
Now we're cooling off waiting for the elevator. :)
One of the amazing views from the top!
Gianna was very excited when she saw this picture - we had just watched those fireworks the night before!

After our ride up the monument, we went to a snack shack across the street and enjoyed some shade. I was able to get a few cute photos of Gianna - she looks like she is posing for her graduation photo! I love her feet!
We found some chairs and a table and enjoyed the shade. It was a hot one - 100'
And yet another interesting place to change Gianna. This is the first photo - but I've had to change her on a bench in front of The White House, The Ellipse (across from The White House) and on the lawn of the Smithsonian.

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