Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Last Few Days

I will (try) do the abbreviated recap of the past few days.

Saturday we had a great day. We celebrated Spencer's birthday with our family. The weather started out questionable (thunderstorms!!!), but by 2pm, the sun was shining and all was well!

We had a great time and planned on going to MagiQuest on Sunday (as part of his gift); however Gianna changed those plans for me around 3:45am Sunday morning. She had been up three times by that time. And each time was challenging to get her back to sleep. She was able to tell me at one point it was her ear.

However, Sunday wasn't a complete bust - Judy took the kids to the Science Museum (something she has been wanting to do, but timing wasn't working!) and I took Gianna to urgent care. After an hour in the waiting room, it was confirmed that she has a double ear infection.

Monday we woke up to Spencer's actual birthday. He opened his gifts from David and me (Lego stuff and Star Wars t-shirts) He really liked his card - it was a Star Wars card David found at Hallmark.

On Tuesday, Gianna and I went to the Children's Museum. It wasn't too crowded and I just followed Gianna from each room and let her play at her leisure. Here she is testing her latest creating in the kitchen.
The rooftop was open and this was Gianna's first time. She had fun "painting" the rocks with water. We ate lunch in the lunchroom again and the came home for our afternoon nap.
And that brings us to today, Wednesday. A nothing exciting day. I took the minivan in to get the air-conditioner fixed ($600) and discovered the lawnmower is not working properly. UGGG! But on a positive note, I got this really cute photo of Gianna riding in the backseat of Evelyn's car.

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