Friday, May 14, 2010

Art Class and Coffee

Today was Gianna's last day of art class. (I've blogged about it here, here and here.) She has loved each and every class.
Gianna's favorite has to be glitter and glue. But today she tried something for the first time....
Finger painting! I've tried to get her to do it in the past, but she always wants to use a stick or brush. Not just her hands. However, for some reason today, she wanted to give it a try. And she loved it!
I don't know if we'll do it again in the fall - technically she'll be old enough to go to pre-school! Yikes!
Since it was Friday, we decided to head over to Bamma's house after school. No visit would be complete (for Gianna) without sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee. (Actually for Bamma and Gianna it's more like milk and sugar with a splash of coffee!) My 2 1/2 year old loves to have coffee with Bamma and Titi (Evelyn wasn't home tonight though).

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  1. I love Bamma and Gianna having coffee together! Such a wonderful bonding experience for both of them. I also enjoyed the photos of two little girl cousins. It is too bad that they live so far apart! As always, I love anything that has to do with the beautiful children that live not far from my house. Thanks for the Misty treat last night. I loved it and the wonderful treat to go out with my favorite children!Hugs, V


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