Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Friend

Today Gianna and I went to the Children's Museum.

Out of habit and convenience, I've always gone to McDonald's for lunch after visiting the museum. (You have to walk past it to get to the parking garage.) Today, I decided to "break" the cycle. I actually packed a little lunch and we ate in the "lunch room" at the museum.

After eating all of her lunch, it was time to leave. However, that meant we would be walking right past McDonald's. I wasn't sure how she was going to react. I was imagining Gianna screaming for french fries as I dragged her along the way.

Well, imagine my surprise when this happened instead.

Gianna climbed up on the bench with Ronald and wanted her picture taken! She then slid off the bench, waved good-bye and we headed out to the car. Let's hope the next trip is just as easy!

I should note - this is the first time Gianna has actually wanted to sit next to Ronald. She usually waves to him from a distance.

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