Sunday, May 30, 2010

Recital Part II

Here are some photos from Gemma's recital. I took video of the ballet portion, but once I realized the lighting was so poor, I decided to just photograph the tap dance. I wasn't able to get all of my usual posed photos, but I did get a few cute ones.
Here are Gemma and Spencer before the show started. I always get a photo of them together.
Here is Gemma's cheering section. Unfortunately, I didn't catch Grandpa in this one.
Gemma's teacher even came to the show! She had told me she invited her earlier in the week. I told Gemma to remember, her teacher is also a wife and a mother of four children - her evenings are busy. However, she found time to come to the show - and Gemma couldn't have been happier.
Here is a photo from the end of the tap dance. Gemma is the pink girl in the middle.
At the end of the evening Gianna stood still long enough for me to get a photo of her with Bamma.

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