Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fun Weekend

Here is the weekend recap....

We decided to head out for a day of fun. Originally, we were going to go to the zoo, but the weather wasn't cooperating. So after a late breakfast/early lunch at Perkins, we decided to go to the Children's Museum.

The happy gang - Gianna didn't want to stay still.
Gemma in the Children of Hangzhou exhibit.
Spencer in the grocery store.
Gemma, David and Gianna working together.
Gianna serving me tea at the restaurant.

After a few hours at the museum we decided to head over to Bamma's house (which is within walking distance). Edmee, Allison and Emelia were visiting too. I wish Emelia lived closer - the girls are only four months apart and would have a blast together!

Watching Dora.

As dinner time was approaching, David suggested Chuck E Cheese. I wasn't excited about it, but knew the kids would love it. Edmee, Allison and Emelia came too. Gemma was a great help with taking Emelia and Gianna in the giant gerbil cage (that's what I call the play structure). Spencer helped too, but I think was a little impatient and wanted to go on his own. Ultimately, the kids had fun - the grown-ups on the other hand were a little frazzled. It was extremely busy (tons of kids) and loud. I didn't even bother with the camera.

Because of our crazy day, Gianna had a hard time going to sleep Saturday night. After two hours of sleeping, she woke up screaming. For over an hour. I gave her ibuprofen and decided to take her to urgent care in the morning. I was concerned it was her ears and didn't want to have two bad nights in a row.
Here we are Sunday morning at the clinic. Fortunately both of her ears are perfectly clear. I guess her disrupted sleep really had to do with a very busy day that just wore her out!

After the clinic we went to David's parents house for a little while.
Here are some photos from the backyard.
I love Spencer's expression. He really wasn't in the mood for pictures.
And here is our family photo. Aside from my ridiculous smile and Gianna's eyes being closed, it's not too shabby! It was a great weekend!

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