Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today we spent the day at Edmee's house. My nephew Stephen and his wife and daughter were visiting from Kansas.This is Harley or it might be Jake - they are both red labs, so it's hard for me to tell. Anyway, both of the dogs were out running around and enjoying the fresh air. Gianna was shrieking with delight as the dogs would run past almost knocking her down. Stephen was able to grab Jake/Harley for her to pet him. She decided to enjoy him from a distance!

I love this picture of Gianna and Edmee. This was during the dog craze. Gianna squeezed in between Edmee and Amanda (Stephen's wife) and couldn't stop laughing!

Spencer decided to spend some "quiet" time on the new tire swing.

I was able to get a quick photo of Gemma before she ran off again.

Amanda arranged an egg hunt for the kids. Gianna is getting a little help from her Titi Edmee getting an egg from the tree.

Amarra (my great niece) was "reading" a book to Gemma. I thought it was so cute! Amarra is 4 and this story has been read to her so many times she has it memorized. She loved playing with Gemma - they spent the whole day running around together.

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