Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today was Gianna's first dentist appointment. I thought we were off to a great start since David was able to attend the visit. Here is Gianna getting a snuggle from daddy while waiting.
She decided to play with toys while Gemma and Spencer watched a movie.

And once Gianna's name was quickly went downhill. She cried and covered her mouth. The hygienist said this was very normal for a child her age (2 1/2). That made me feel a little better. Gianna calmed down long enough to watch Gemma and Spencer get their teeth cleaned and then even had a "show and tell" with the hygienist. Hopefully in 6 months - she'll be more cooperative!

Even though she didn't have an exam, she was able to pick out a prize. I think this was the high-light of her visit!
Gianna was feeling very generous - she gave me this lovely ring!

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