Sunday, August 23, 2009

We're Back!

Here are a few highlights from our weekend trip.

Here's the gang ready to hit the road. Notice Spencer - he was already into his movie and had no time for taking a picture.
Just 2 hours later - and with minimal crying - we arrived at our destination - Titi Edmee's house! This is Gianna just after having an Oreo or two!

Saturday we headed to the water park - after stopping at a few garage sales! The weather was perfect and the crowds were minimal.

Evelyn enjoyed the water too!

Edmee was playing in the splash area with Gianna.

Here is Spencer on his umpteenth trip down the water slide. Gemma was really bummed - she was too short to go down the slide. For some reason, this park required the children to be at least 48 inches - she was a hair too short. :(

Gianna had fun on the little slide.

After our fun day out, we went home and had dinner. We ended our evening outside with a bonfire - but the kids found a few things to keep them busy...

Gianna tried to blow bubbles. I think she ate most of the soap!

And Gemma and Spencer played. After running around the yard and eating too many Smores we called it a night - much later than we should have. But we had fun and that's what spending time with family is about.

Gianna didn't enjoy the drive home so much. After 30 minutes of screaming/crying Gemma gave up her DVD player so Gianna could watch Dora the Explorer. THANK YOU GEMMA!!!!

However - the batteries died about 20 minutes before we got home, so we listened to more screaming/crying. Poor Gianna was just exhausted and couldn't wait to get into her own crib! She took a two hour nap and woke up fresh as a daisy!

Can't wait for our next road trip!

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