Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spencer's Birthday

Spencer woke up on Tuesday morning to a decorated door and a sign in his room. We had a busy day planned. First school, then dinner with Grandpa and Nonna at the restaurant of his choice followed by a Cub Scout meeting! Busy!
This was just before we left for school - what a big smile!
We met David's parent for dinner and had a very nice time. As usual, Spencer ordered the chicken fingers!
After dinner, we picked up Joshua and went to the Pack meeting for cub scouts. They were having the Rain-gutter Regatta, so we were outside. What a perfect evening!
The kids had a great time running around and playing.
Spencer even stopped long enough for me to take his photo - I love the pose. He can be such a ham when he wants too!
After everyone arrived the scouts were awarded badges they had earned. Spencer is now officially a bear! I love this photo because he is looking directly into his Pack Master's eyes as he shakes hands. He is turning into such a young man!
An ice-cream social had been planned following the regatta races, so I decided to bring cake to celebrate Spencer's big day. Unfortunately it was just windy enough to make it difficult for candles, but Spencer didn't seem to mind!
Here is little Miss Gianna. I love this photo - she was just filthy and was having a great time. I should have taken an "after" photo - the ice cream completely melted before she could finish the cone and she had the red and blue frosting all over herself! (Thank goodness for Spray n' Wash!)

It was a busy evening, but it was a great one - spent with all four of my favorite people! And Spencer said he had a great time - and really that's all that matters!

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