Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Holy Communion

I wasn't able to edit or crop any photos.

Today was a very big day for our family; Gemma and Spencer made their First Holy Communion!
Here are the children before we left for church.
And here is the family at the church. We arrived early and decided to take advantage! If you look closely at Gianna, you'll see she brought Sleeping Beauty and insisted she be in the photo!
Here is the group photo with Father Kevin and Sister Joan. Only 13 children made their First Communion on Saturday, but there are actually 47 children who will make the sacrament over the next four masses!

I took a few photos of the children making the procession into church, but I didn't use a flash and they didn't turn out so well. However, I used the flash on this one! Gemma was one of four children that was asked to bring the gifts into church. She was carrying the Holy Water.
I love this picture! This was right after Spencer drank the wine. I was just surprised he didn't make a face. I had told the children it was OK to drink the wine - or even to just put the cup up to their lips and pretend to sip it. I guess Spencer decided to just go for it! ; )
Grandpa, Nona and the kids after Mass. Spencer was so hot during Mass, he couldn't wait to take off his jacket.
Gemma with her Godparents.
Spencer and Judy, his Godmother. John was his Godfather.
Since we chose the Saturday afternoon Mass, we invited everyone to our house to celebrate. The children couldn't get out of their dress clothes fast enough. We had a wonderful time and were so glad to celebrate this special moment with our families!

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