Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birthday Surprise

On Friday, we let Spencer open his birthday presents because we would be attending one of the gifts on Saturday afternoon.He first opened a Star Wars t-shirt and book that he had wanted.....

And then he saw the tickets! We bought tickets to attend the Kids Lego Fest at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I bought the tickets at the end of March when a friend told me about the event. David and I thought that would be a perfect gift for Spencer. Within a few weeks, Spencer heard about the event and was asking to go. I had to make excuses that we couldn't! I felt so bad lying about the tickets!
Saturday afternoon, I left Gianna with my mom and Edmee. Gemma, Spencer and I were then on our way to the main event. (David was going to meet us after reserves.)
We also met up with my best friend, Hoa and her family. All four children had a great time. They had a lot of areas set-up for the kids to play with Legos.
We also saw some really cool creations - all made from Legos.
Spencer loves Legos and Star Wars. There is nothing better, in his eyes, than combining the two!
David suggested making an anchor. Once he saw Gemma at work, he decided to get into the act too!
Gemma decided to take a break and get her hair done. Here she is before.
And here is her after! A teased, side pony-tail with blue spray paint!
While Gemma was getting her hair done, Spencer, Chase and Ben complete their ginormous green climbing wall.

While the kids were busy building with the dads, Hoa and I wandered around and found a "class" the kids could take with a "Lego Master". Essentially, a Lego Master is a grown up who gets paid to play with Legos! (Most 9 year-old boys ideal job!). However, space was limited and sign-up began 30 minutes prior to class. The first time we tried to sign up, the class filled up in 5 minutes. So, I decided to stand in line and wait 30 minutes before sign-up to get the kids a spot.
After listening to the Lego Master, he sent the kids to work stations to build. The kit had directions, but he was encouraging the kids to make "modifications".
Gemma and Spencer had a lot of fun. However, after almost four hours, the grown-ups were ready for something else to do! : )

I was able to get one group photo of the kids and then we were off to dinner. The Kids Fest wasn't what I was expecting, but ultimate the kids enjoyed it. We were able to spend time together and even see some great friends that we don't see enough of - over all an almost perfect day! (Perfect would have included Gianna, but I knew she would have had more fun with Bamma and titi Edmee.)

*I should note, on the way home I asked Spencer if he liked his gift. He said no and paused. Which gave me a minor knot in my stomach. Then he screamed, "I loved it!". Thank goodenss!

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