Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dance Recital

I just realized I never blogged about the girls dance recital last week! Here are the girls before we left for the recital. This was just moments before Gianna fell and ripped her tights. We had to stop at Target to buy a new pair - thank goodness I had everyone ready to go much earlier than we needed to leave!

The girls did a great job. I volunteered to stay backstage with Gianna's class since this was her first year. I volunteered every year for Gemma's class, except the years when David was traveling and I needed to stay with the little one.

Gianna's class was first - they did a ballet routine to a Sesame Street song - it was adorable. She had the biggest grin on her face the whole time. Gianna managed to dance most of the time too - which is saying a lot for a three year old. I met her backstage after her performance and before I could open my mouth she said in such a sweet voice, "Mommy, did you see me on stage?" I assured her that I, daddy and the rest of her cheering section saw her and that I was so proud. She was proud of herself too.

Gemma is in the oldest class and they danced last - and it was beautiful. She really has a grace to her movement when dancing. I'm sad to say that next year will be her last as she is aging out of the program. She isn't so happy with that news either.
After the recital, Miss Holly gives each girl a rose, medal and certificate of completion. Unfortunately this part of the evening is very disorganized and makes photos ops difficult. Gianna also received flowers from her daddy. She was so proud of herself! However, things went downhill quickly after this photo. It was almost 9pm and she had refused a nap that day. Thank goodness she was able to hold it together for the show!
Here is Gemma with her sweet instructor Miss Holly. We started class with her when Gemma was three and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher. She truly has the patience of a saint! Gianna wasn't interested in anymore photos at this point!
Our family photo. I love how Spencer looks scared, Gemma annoyed and Gianna wants to be anywhere but there. I must say I look rather exhausted too. Trying to keep eight three-year-olds entertained backstage for almost two hours isn't easy!!!
Bamma wanted a photo with the kids. David is holding Gianna over Bamma's shoulder in this one - at least she's smiling!

It was worth all the work, but I'm glad it's over! : )

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