Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Day

Memorial Day weekend didn't go as planned. Originally, David had planned to do a bunch of work around the house and I had some stuff to do outside. We were going to celebrate our anniversary Saturday night with a date and also wanted to do some fun family stuff. Well, Friday evening David came home from work feeling awful - a bad cold. Long story short, he spent most of the weekend sleeping. And since it was mostly cold and rainy, I didn't get the outside stuff done that I had wanted.

However, David was feeling better on Monday so we were able to enjoy some family time. And then on Tuesday morning he surprised me by having an extra day off of work! However, Spencer woke up and tossed his cookies. He "earned" an extra day off of school too.

So after I went to the gym and Spencer was feeling better, we went to lunch and then the bike store. Gianna saw this adorable bike and decided to try it out. I really wish I could have bought it for her, but it was almost $200!
After running some errands and spending the afternoon together, we went to school and picked up Gemma.
When we came home David and I surprised the kids by attacking them with Spencer's Nerf guns. He received these as a Christmas gift from Allison (cousin), but hadn't been able to play with them yet.
They had a lot of fun in the yard. They played for almost an hour before I had to ruin their fun by telling them to come in the house and take showers.
It wasn't the day I had planned, but it couldn't have been any better!

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