Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day didn't turn out exactly as planned.

David had a flight to catch at 1:30, (Navy) so we were going to have breakfast and then head to the airport. However, the plan changed when Gianna woke us up at 6am complaining of a tummy ache. While David was taking care of the little one I was dealing with a full blown migraine.

David ended up on the couch snuggling Gianna and I was laying in bed wishing the damn birds singing outside would shut-up.

I finally got out of bed around 10am and took a shower. I still had a throbbing headache, but was able to tolerate light.

We decided to go to breakfast - which by the time we arrived was lunch. Gemma gave me a beautiful card that she made for me and made me cry.
Spencer gave also gave me a plant and a sweet card. Gianna wasn't feeling so well and fell asleep in David's arms.

After the restaurant we left for the airport. Once we were back at home, I let the kids play Wii and took an hour nap. By 4pm, I finally felt better!

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