Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Weekend

We decided to head to the country (Edmee's house) on Saturday. We arrived in the early afternoon and decided to play outside. Actually - there was no keeping Gianna in the house, but that was ok.
Gemma behind bars.
Spencer hangin' around.

Gianna woke up earlier than I was hoping for (6:45) and wanted to cuddle on the couch with Spencer. He was more than happy to oblige. We enjoyed another lazy day on Sunday. The weather was cooler (cloudy and maybe 70' compared to sunny and 90' the day before!)

The kids played outside and Gianna even took an afternoon nap before we enjoyed an early dinner of shish-kabobs. We were on the road by 4:30 and the kids were in bed by 8pm!

Monday we went to Magiquest as part of Spencer's birthday gift.

After a fun afternoon of playing, Judy invited the kids and I to Outback for dinner. (I don't refuse a meal, when it's one I don't have to prepare!) Overall, we had a very laid-back and relaxing weekend! The perfect start to summer!

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