Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Change

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Spencer has loved trains since he was a very little boy. He discovered Thomas around his second birthday and was quickly given anything and everything Thomas for his following birthdays and Christmas's. For his third birthday, I had his pictures taken with one of his Thomas toys. We spent A Day Out With Thomas where my mother spent an obscene amount of money on hats and toothbrushes and other trinkets for Gemma and Spencer. I can't even tell you how many videos and DVDs the boy has. He has four different train sets - a wooden, metal, Duplo and electric. (For the record - the majority of his collection was purchased by grandparents and aunts!)

Spencer and Gianna playing trains in December

I just learned yesterday that Little Abe (my 20-month old great nephew) has discovered the joys of Thomas the Tank Engine. I mentioned to Melissa we have many videos (I'd keep the DVDs just in case) that I would be happy to give her. I decided to check in with Spencer today and see if he was on board with this is idea. His response - "Little Abe can have all of them, I don't like Thomas anymore. I like trains, just not Thomas."

I literally felt my eyes filling with tears when he said that. Another sign that my little boy is growing up.

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  1. This saddens me although the progression of life is growth, our little boy is maturing. He will always, in our hearts be our little boy. I love you Spencer. Bamma


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