Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today we visited the National Museum of American History. We met up with David after work on the train and headed to the museum.

As soon as we stepped into the museum, David took Spencer to see C3P-O. Spencer wished R2-D2 was with him.
Everyone in front of a train - I took this while Gianna was having a fit. I wanted to document her behavior to have proof for when she gets older.

Gianna loved the exhibit of the First Ladies dresses. She kept saying, "What a pretty tu-tu!" She asked for her photo to be taken in front of First Lady Obama's dress.
Just clowning around! Gianna is very happy to have her daddy around all the time.
We found Kermit - but the puffy shirt from Seinfeld and Michael Jackson's glove had been put in storage for now.
Abraham Lincoln's top hat.
And yet another "tu-tu" Gianna liked. This was Abraham Lincoln's wife's dress, Mary Todd Lincoln.

It was a nice evening and the kids are looking forward to going back!

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