Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Learning Celebration

Today Bamma, Gianna and I went to school to take part in The Learning Celebration. They have one in the fall and again in the spring. It's a nice way to visit the kids during class and see what they're working on. Families are even invited to lunch, but we skipped that today.
Our first stop was Spencer's class. Here he is sharing some of his poems with Bamma. Gianna was a pretty good visitor too. She sat next to Spencer and colored. (I unfortunately, didn't get a picture of that.)
Here are Spencer and me after he read me his poems. I must say, the boy has a great imagination!

Next stop - Gemma's class. Her class did a poetry slam - groups of children would take turns performing their poems. Gemma worked with two other girls and performed two poems - I'll put the video up in a separate post.

Gemma is reading her poetry book to Gianna.
Me and my little girl. If you look over Gemma's shoulder, you can see Bamma sneaking in our photo!

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  1. What a busy schedule you have had in the last two weeks! I wasn't able to get on your blog until this morning, but I want you to know I loved everything that you have done and what a wonderful gift to your family! Onlt one more week and then lovely times all together again. Love you all so much! Mrs. K


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