Monday, June 21, 2010

The Wrong Place, The Right Time

Today marked the first day in DC for the kids and I to venture out alone. I was very nervous thinking about heading out on the train and into the city alone with three kids. David reminded me, I could do this - otherwise he wouldn't agree to it!

So out we went to visit the National Museum of Natural History. No sooner do we get out of the Metro station, I turn the WRONG direction. (I should have gone left, but I went right.) But boy, am I glad I did! When we got to the next street to cross, it had been temporarily closed. Within a few minutes I snapped this photo!

The President's Car!!!!

Gemma was hoping he would see her and possibly invite she and Spencer for a play date - however, that didn't happen. We walked for 20 minutes before I realized we were going the wrong way - but I really didn't care. I was so excited to share that moment with the kids!

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  1. It was great to see the pictures and all of you together. Will miss seeing you this summer. Will talk soon.


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