Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Carnival

While our city celebrates The Winter Carnival each year, so does our school. The school sells buttons for $1.00 (just like the real carnival) with the proceeds going towards the winner of the medallion hunt. To bring the festivities to a close, they end the week with a parade of floats. All decorated in a winter theme.

After Gemma participated the first time in kindergarden, David decided to make a base float for both kids and then each year they can decorate however they choose. David is usally the creative assitant when it comes to the floats - but this year Gemma and Spencer did all the work themselves. The only part I played was in following requests for glue with the glue gun.

Here are the kids with their floats the day before the parade.

Here is sweet Gianna waiting for the parade to start. She skipped her nap for the event and did great! We were waiting in the hallway by the kindergarden classrooms, she kept peeking into them and wanting to check out all the fun toys she could see. I told her I wasn't ready to send her to school quite yet!

Here is Spencer on his way to the gym for the "staging" of the parade. The children who don't make a float line up along the hall ways and are spectators.
And Gemma on her way to the gym.


Unfortunately, I didn't get any more (good) photos of the kids. I was ready with the camera, but unfortunately not quick enough to get photos that weren't either blurry or the back of a head. Oh well - Gianna and I had a great time watching the parade.

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