Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Passing Time

Today Gianna and I went to the car dealership to have the van serviced. It was a much more pleasant experience this time - we went to a different one than last time. The tailgate was broken, but two hours and $300 later it was fixed!

The last time I was there with Gianna, they had a kid's area complete with a table, toys, book and crayons. I guess with all of the H1N1 craze they decided to get rid of it - which is probably for the best. They still had some crayons and coloring books, so that kept Gianna occupied for about 5 minutes.

Then we had a snack - 2 minutes.

Then we went for a "walk". Considering it was -4, our "walk" would be through the show room only. We walked (I walked and Gianna ran) around and looked at cars, Gianna commented on each car and color (Gianna said they were all yellow. Actually there were no yellow cars there. I obviously need to work with her on this.)

Then she decided to get into the van - which was a great idea. And for the next hour and 45 minutes that is where we sat. We occasionaly left the van (diaper change and additional snack) but for the most part, that is where we stayed. Each time the service advirsor came to see me, I was sitting in the same spot. He thought it was funny.

I was just relieved that she was entertained!

This is Gianna in the trunk of the van "sleeping". She would lay down and tell me "night" and then pretend to snore. I thought it was pretty cute.

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