Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, my adorable 2 year old has started using a new phrase that I am LESS than thrilled about.

I heard it for the first time upon my return from DC.

"Oh my God!"

The first time I heard her say it, I admit, I laughed. But at the same time I was mortified. Since then, she has used it several times and in the "appropriate" context. (I realize it's never really appropriate to say "on my God")

I immediately correct Gianna and say, "Oh my goodness" and she' ll usually repeat the "correct" expression.

That said - we were in Target yesterday and Gianna saw something that caught her eye and in a very loud voice exclaimed "Oh my God!" A lady was near us and I felt her looking at us - I couldn't dare make eye contact as I was trying to wish us invisible. I corrected her, and again she repeated the correct expression.

How do I get this to stop? Obviously, Gianna is too young to understand what she is saying - but I need this to end!

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  1. GOD in all his abundant understanding knows she's only two and means no harm. P.S. That picture you posted is the first thing I see when I turn my computer on at work every morning. Bamma


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