Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pine Wood Derby Races

Last night we had the pleasure of attending Joshua's Pine Derby Races for Cub Scouts. Here is the presentation of the flag - I was very impressed watching these young boys carrying the flags.
Before the races began, the head Den Master (I think that's his title!) asked all the scouts to stand up and thank their parents for helping build their cars. Joshua turned and faced Judy, but looked to heaven to thank John. He and John worked together last year to build the car.
How cute are these two! Joshua wanted to just sit and hold Gianna and she was happy to have a lap to sit on.

Here are the kids waiting for the races to begin.
The red car is Joshua's. He was 4 and 0 going into the 5th heat!
Waiting for the next heat.....can you see the tension!
2nd Place!!!!! He didn't win the final race - but by looking at this face, you can't tell! He was so excited! What a great night for Joshua! I'm so glad we were able to celebrate with him!

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