Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mom Of The Year - NOT

Well, here is reason #1,038,487,349 that I won't be in the running for Mother of The Year for 2009.

I received a call from school at 2:10 this afternoon. Dismissal is at 3:45, so I thought Spencer wasn't feeling well. He has a cold and went on an outdoor field-trip today. I thought maybe he had too much time outside and was feeling run down. Well, my thoughts were quickly corrected when the school secretary reminded me that it was early release day (I should have been to school at 1:45) and that Gemma and Spencer would be waiting for me in the office.

I feel AWFUL!!! I've known about early release day for weeks. It's marked on my calendar in the kitchen. I guess everything going on with our family this past week, has turned my brain into mush.

On the drive home from school, (my drive of shame), I asked the kids how their days were. Gemma's response, "Well, it was good until you forgot to pick us up."

Yeah, my day was fine too, until I forgot to pick you and your brother up from school.

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