Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Insect Fair

We received a note from Spencer's teacher last month inviting him to participate in the Insect Fair. He worked in a group of 5 children and a teacher. Their project was entitled "How Do Insects Change?" Each child worked on a different insect and showed the different stages. The final project was to be displayed at the University of Minnesota on December 12th. It was to be an all day event at the U, which would have required me to farm out Gemma and Gianna for the day.

Since November was such a hard month for our family, I told the teacher Spencer wouldn't be able to participate in the final project. I was disappointed but, I explained to Spencer that we needed a break from all of the craziness. He seemed fine with that and he was just happy to work on the project at school.

Spencer brought home this certificate and medal on Tuesday afternoon! I am so proud of him. He worked very hard on his project - and his efforts were rewarded!

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