Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trains, Trains, Trains

This is Gianna when she entered the living room after her nap. Gemma is hiding behind her. Notice the blue train in Gianna's hand - she had it in the crib while napping!

Spencer has loved trains since the moment he was able to play with them. We have more Thomas the Tank Engine movies than I care to admit; DVD and VHS. Spencer has a wooden train set, a plastic train set and an electric train set. I told you, the boy LOVES trains.

Well, it seems that Gianna is following in her big brother's footsteps. Spencer brought out his wooden track yesterday (he hasn't played with that set in months) and Gianna's eyes lit up. He wasn't thrilled, but he played with her for a little while. This afternoon while Gianna was napping, Spencer brought the set into the living room again - but I reminded him that once she was awake, he couldn't complain about her "arranging" the tracks.

So many trains!
This is Spencer after playing with Gianna. I love the expression - to me it says, "Can you get her out of here???"

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