Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Worth The Wait

Today was a very exciting day. The kids and I went to the airport to pick up David. He's been traveling, but was able to make it home in time for Christmas - and to beat the storm that is on it's way!

The cuties "patiently" waiting for their daddy.
Don't they look bored? His flight was 35 minutes late and we were 30 minutes early arriving to the airport....lots of waiting!
And here are my favorite people all reunited.

This evening, David's parents came over for dinner and to exchange gifts. It's so much easier doing it this way instead of on Christmas Eve with 30 + people! It makes for one big mess!
Gianna was very excited to see the presents. She was also very patient while Nonna took things out of the bags for the kids.
Gianna is opening her first present. Look how excited she is!
Gemma got this great blanket made by Nonna.
Spencer got this cool Thomas the Train blanket. I have a feeling Gianna may try to get this for her use!

Gianna was "sneaking up" on David. I love their smiles - you can see how happy they are.

And this is my attempt at a group photo. Clearly not something I would want to use for a Christmas card, but it shows real life. Our life. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

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