Thursday, December 3, 2009


How do I measure success?

Well, when it involves taking Gemma and Spencer to the clinic to get any vaccinations I measure it by the amount of nursing staff required to restrain each child. (The fewer, the better.)

Poor Gemma, she gets so anxious at these appointments.

I remember one appointment, Spencer tried to hide under the table and the nurse had to grab him (Gianna was only a few weeks old and I was holding her.) Another time, one nurse had to lay across Spencer and hold him while the other gave him the shot. Gemma has had her share of nurses holding her down as she screamed and tried to escape.

I found out this morning that I was going to be able to get the H1N1 vaccination for the kids. (Gianna had her shot last month.) I have been dreading this day since I found out that my clinic wasn't going to have the mist version. I warned the kids weeks ago that at some point we would be getting the shot - I just didn't know when.

When I picked the kids up from school (on time by the way!), I told them what we would be doing this evening. Obviously, they weren't thrilled. However, to sweeten the deal, I told them if they cooperated with the nurse, we would go to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone.

Cooperation, to me, means allowing the nurse to give you the shot without the need of additional staff.

Here is the after photo.

Gemma went first - her anxiety was obvious. Once we had her arm out of her sleeve I just hugged her. (When I say hug, I really mean I held her very tightly.) She was asking the nurse to wait, because she wasn't ready. I nodded to the nurse to just do it. Gemma cried, but once it was done she was fine. I told her she did great and that we were half way to our ice cream cone.

Gianna is kissing Gemma's boo-boo.

Spencer hopped up on the table. I helped him with his shirt and then hugged him. The nurse gave him the shot and he didn't even flinch! Not a peep was made by the boy. We hurried to the van and headed straight for DQ and each enjoyed a chilly treat.

My cheesy little girl eating her ice cream cone.
My brave patients!

I hope things go this smoothly in 4 weeks when we return for the booster shot!

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  1. They did GREAT! all three of them really enjoyed Dairy Queen, so I guess you are the "Mother of the Day!" My kids were terrible with shots~~~Chris would just pass out!!!! Imagine that! Hope you are all well! Love you folks! Mrs. K


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