Saturday, May 19, 2012

Van Halen!

It seems that we've started a tradition for the 10th birthday.  Last year, we bought Taylor Swift tickets for Gemma's 10th b-day and this year we bought Van Halen tickets for David and Spencer.  (David's favorite band)  Even though Spencer is 10, he has his daddy's taste for rock music.  Red Hot Chili Peppers is another one of his favorite bands!

Here are the boys ready for thier evening out.  David is wearing a t-shirt he bought at the last VH concert in 2007.  Spencer is wearing a "vintage" (OLD) t-shirt I bought for David a few years ago as a birthday gift.

For a true "boys night out", my nephew Christopher and our good friend Chris went too.  They went to a bar/restaurant not too far from the concert venue and met up with some of David's Navy friends.  David said everyone thought it was so fun that he brought Spencer.  Several people told him (Spencer) they liked his t-shirt too!  Someone random even offered David earplugs for him, but David was already prepared.
Finally it was show time!  The opening act was Kool and The Gang.  Apparently Spencer was a little bored during thier show.
So they walked around and found mini-doughnuts.  I think a perfect way to pass the time!

Now for the main event!  David said that David Lee Roth's voice was NOT 100%, but he had so much fun taking Spencer to his first concert that he didn't care too much.  Plus, he was just excited that the band didn't break up before making it to town for the show!  

It was a very late night for the boys, but I'm sure it's a night not to be soon forgotten.  Besides, how cool is it for Spencer's first concert to be Van Halen with his dad!!!!  (I think my first concert was Roger Whitaker - thanks mom and dad!)

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  1. Your dad and I liked Roger Whitiker. I wasn't overjoyed with Annie.


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