Saturday, May 12, 2012

Go Twins!

Tonight Gemma and I attended a Twins games.  She earned tickets as a junior-coach for Playworks.  (you can click on the link to read more.) 

The big event for the evening was all of the junior coaches would be walking onto the field just before the game.  The kids were really excited.  

We attended the game with two of Gemma's friends and their chaperone's.  Here we are with the kids coach from school.
Once we arrived, the kids stayed with their coach and we found our seats....can't say I hated the view!

See, I look happy.  I may not be a true baseball fan, but I enjoyed my spring evening in the sun!  By the way, the first 5,000 fans (i don't remember the exact number) received free ball caps....I was very appreciative while sitting in the direct sun!
Here are the kids walking onto the field.  Gemma is the second one from the right.  You can see her purse hanging across her chest.
The kids saw us in our seats.  They knew what section we were in and I may have be standing and waving like a wild woman.....  : )
After the big event, the girls returned to our seats and enjoyed the evening.  Watching the game, eating and just having fun.
Me and my girl.  It was a great night and I can't wait for our next game!

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