Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Taylor Swift

Not only was today the last day of school, but it also happened to be the night Gemma would be going to see Taylor Swift! We had wanted to buy the tickets in February to give to Gemma for her birthday in April, but they sold out in just minutes.

Last week more tickets were released and David was able to get two for my girl and me! Gemma had no idea that we were ever trying to get tickets. Though, she did know about the concert because of all the commercials she heard on the radio.

I brought the kids lunch to school today and surprised Gemma with a card saying she and I were going to the concert. Needless to say she was speechless - that doesn't happen often!
Here is Gemma with her daddy and tickets!!!!

And here we are at the concert. They had a bunch of stuff to take photos and keep the girls occupied before the show.
We were waiting in line for a "make-over" and we made friends with Abigale. She and her father actually met Taylor Swift backstage earlier that night. Abigale showed us a picture of her with Taylor. Gemma immediately asked if she could hug her since she hugged Taylor - that would almost be like Gemma hugging Taylor. I love 10-year-old logic! Anyway, I think Abigale's father got a kick out of Gemma and Abigale, so he gave Gemma an autograph card that was given to them backstage. It's not an actual autograph, just a stamp, but Gemma was so thrilled. And I thought that was so sweet of him and his daughter to do that!
Finally our wait in line was over. Gemma was in the make-up chair getting pampered just like the stars! Since the tour is sponsered by Cover Girl, that was the make-up used. We were also given a free lip gloss!
And here is my pretty girl with her make-up artist. She was really sweet with Gemma; asking her if this was her first concert and making her feel really comfortable.

And here we are in our seats just before the show. The concert started at 7pm, but Taylor didn't start until 8:30. Gemma couldn't wait!
And here she is! We had great seats and Gemma was able to see everything - even with everyone standing!
Here are Gemma and Taylor - Taylor is the little dot on the left!
I love this photo - too cute!
For the finale, Taylor sang "Love Story". She climbed into a mini balcony that went over and around the entire audience. Gemma was singing her heart out during this song - and I think I may have been too!
And here is the happy girl after the show. It was a two hour concert with lots of young girls screaming, but it was so worth it. Gemma loved and I think it was a night she'll remember for a long time!

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