Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween! We decided to repeat last year and trick-or-treat with Amanda and Joshua.

We arrived around 3:30, had an early dinner and then started getting ready for show-time around 6:00pm.
This is unfortunately the only group shot I have of the kids. And notice, Gianna is MIA. (It took us a while to convince her to put on her giraffe costume.)

Amanda was a moose, Joshua was "Red" from some Pokemon video game. (On a side note; while trick-or-treating, a teenager recognized the costume and said that was his favorite video game when he was younger. Joshua couldn't have been more excited!) Gemma was the grime-reaper (what happened to being a princess????) and Spencer recycled his Clone Trooper costume from last year.

David even dressed up! See the plunger (purchased from Target that morning) on his head with the rings.....he was a "Ring-Toss"!!
I have no idea why I didn't get Gemma in this photo. Oh, I remember, because the kids were RUNNING like mad from one house to another! I was lucky to get this photo of Spencer!
We were out for about 45 minutes when the big kids decided to go one way and we decided to head back home. Gianna was having a lot of fun, but I knew she was going to crash soon!

The big kids were out for another hour and came home with there buckets full to the top of candy! They had a great time and are already talking about costumes for next year!

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