Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dentist Appointment

I took Gianna to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to post it...

I was hoping this appointment would go better than the last time. Walking into the clinic I felt pretty good - we'd been reading one of her Little Critter books about going to the dentist. Gianna seemed really comfortable with the idea.

When we arrived, Gianna went straight to the toys in the waiting room. And when the nurse called her name she walked in without any hesitation! So far so good, right.....
Gianna was a little nervous walking into the room, but I reminded her about the Little Critter story. That seemed to help. She was able to let the nurse count her teeth without a problem. (Last time she wouldn't open her mouth AT. ALL.)

Then the nurse had to clean her teeth. Long story short, she managed to clean 4 teeth. The nurse and the dentist said it's pretty normal for her age.

I hope it is just a phase, because at this rate she'll be starting kindergarten before she gets all of her teeth cleaned!

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