Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Here are Spencer (Star Wars - Clone Trooper), Gemma (Renaissance princess) and Gianna (Curious George/monkey) at our friends house. The "K" family had treats for the kids - (and even a little something for me!) - the children were more than happy to show off their costumes. I wasn't able to get many photos of Gianna wearing the hood of her costume, but it was so cute when she would wear it.

Gianna really liked using Gemma's umbrella. I love the banana in Gianna's pocket. I think that's why she chose this costume over the butterfly!

After visiting the "K's", we headed over to John (David's brother) and Judy's house. This is my crew with Joshua (Ninja) and Amanda (Teen Wolf) before heading out for a fun night of trick-or-treating.

Early on, Spencer decided to ditch the mask and just wear his hat. Can't say I blame him. I remember how annoying those things were as a kid.

Gianna dropped some candy and Gemma was making sure it ended up back in her pumpkin. The kids had so much fun - especially since they were with their cousins.

Here are the kids waiting (patiently) at another door. If you look behind Spencer, you'll see Joshua covering his face with his pillow case. Joshua kept telling me he had to hide his identity....

Once Amanda offered to pull the wagon, Gianna didn't want me near it! The little girl was riding in style!

The children are admiring a neighbors yard decorations. On a side note, the weather was so nice. It was a crisp, fall evening. I had the kids dressed in layers and they never complained they were cold. Perfect!

After this photo, Spencer decided to call it a night. So he, Gianna and I went back to John and Judy's while Gemma, Joshua and Amanda stayed out a little longer. Over all, the kids had a great time being together and having fun.

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