Saturday, October 2, 2010

Student of The Month

Every month our school has an assembly recognizing the students. Usually one of the grades will perform a song or poem and the PTA President uses the opportunity to invite more parents to participate. Last year, there were no assemblies due to the H1N1 outbreak.

A little birdie told me that my little girl was going to be recognized as Student of the Month for her class (one is chosen for each class and each grade)!

I apologize for the awful quality of the photo - but I was able to capture Gemma's surprised face when she walked into the gym with her class. She had NO idea that I was going to be there! Nor did she know she was going to get an award - the children only find out when their name is called.
Again, another blurry photo - but I wanted to show how proud of herself she was!
Finally - a good photo!

Here she is - out Student of the Month!!! David and I are so proud of Gemma. This is actually her 4th time - she has been chosen every year!

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