Saturday, February 27, 2010


Gemma and Spencer had a friend over for the day. Since the weather was so nice (in the 30's) the kids spent quite a bit of time enjoying the sunshine.
Here are Spencer and his friend having a light-saber fight (Star Wars).

Gemma was waiting until her turn to get into the "fight".
They even had a little light-saber so Gianna wouldn't feel left out! Though she quickly lost interest when she couldn't hold onto the sword.
I think this is when the boys were deciding which character they were going to play....

After watching the kids "fight" for a little while, Gianna decided to go to the playground and slide.
She needed a little help climbing up the ladder. I guess being bundled with the boots, snow-pants and coat made mobility a little difficult for her!
After about half an hour, Gianna and I went into the house for a snack. Overall the kids had a great day just playing outside and playing together.

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  1. Terrific entries, I haven't seem my babies in a while. Thanks for sharing. Bamma


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