Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gemma's Science Project

Gemma would like to share her science project on the blog. The following is from Gemma.

I am a doing a science expeirement on crystals. We started growing crystals on Saturday. My project looks almost finished, but it's not. We're still waiting on the sugar and the salt crystals. We have lots to do!!!

Here are pictures of some crystals I grew yesterday.

This is before. Mom and I added the liquid that came with the kit.
This is after 6 hours of growing. I'm down to only 4 trees. The crystals are very delicate and break easily. Luckily I'm saving the scraps that fall off.

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  1. Good Job Gemma! I'm really proud of you and I know your mom and dad are too! We really love you, Spencer, and Gianna. You make us all so proud!


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