Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Dinner

Even thought David isn't home (Navy stuff) to celebrate his birthday, didn't mean we couldn't! We had risotto with asparagus and chicken at Gemma's request. It's not David's favorite meal - that would be lasagna - but it's something he does enjoy.

Here is the his cake. I didn't have 39 candles nor would I have put 39 candles on the cake even if I did. I decided to make a symbolic gesture - one candle for each of us. Clearly my lack of cake decorating skills are obvious. They make it look so easy on Ace of Cakes!

David's preferred flavor of cake is lemon - however, I am the only other person in the house willing to eat that. So, in his absence, we had a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. The children all approved my choice of flavor.

It would have been much better to be together, but I think we did all right considering the situation.

We love you so much David! The kids are so fortunate to have such a loving, caring, fun and devoted daddy. And I know how blessed I am to have you as my husband!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Dear David! Looks like the kids really enjoyed celebrating, but it would have been better if you were here!Hope you had a nice day! Mrs. K


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